(Pt 2) History of Dolemite


We continue our history of: Dolemite. Eddie Murphy has a new Netflix bio-pic on comedian Rudy Ray Moore - and the making of the movie Dolemite. The movie was made for $100,000 in 1974- and in this episode we cover everything that went wrong during production; including a drunk director, hiring a real-life junky, and basically filming without permits.

(Pt1) History of Dolemite


“Dolemite is my name and f*cking up motherf*ckers is my game!” says Dolemite - the comedy creation of Rudy Ray Moore.

There’s a new Netflix bio-pic coming out on Rudy Ray Moore called: Dolemite is My Name. It stars Eddie Murphy - and chronicles how Moore went DYI and produced the movie: Dolemite. In this episode we dive into the early days of Rudy Ray Moore, producing XXX Party Records - to the Dolemite origin story.

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History of Here Comes the Judge: Comedy's First Meme


Here Comes the Judge is a 1968 song by legendary comedian Pigmeat Markham. It become one of comedy’s first memes when Sammy Davis Jr. made it a catchphrase on the TV show: Rowan & Martin’s Laugh In.

The song, and Laugh In comedy sketch, became so huge - that 4 other versions of Here Come the Judge were released in the same year - all them making the charts. (The most famous by Shorty Long.)

Here Comes the Judge - also inspired the Baskin-Robbins flavor: Here Comes the Fudge.

Find out more about one of comedy’s first memes - long before there was the Internet.