History of DEVO

We explore the comedy history behind the band DEVO - one of the funniest music groups of all time.

Learn about how they began as art students at Kent State - where founder member, Mark Mothersbaugh would make stickers of astronauts holding potatoes. Through this Spudman decals, Mothersbaugh struck up a friendship with co-founder Jerry Casale.

DEVO first described their music as bombs dropping mixed with Alka Seltzer jingles and the overall mood of the band as a combination of Fritz Lang's Metropolis and Ronald McDonald.

 Find out about such carnations as Boogi Boy (Mothersbaugh's alter-ego), the red energy dome hats, and where they came up with the idea for the yellow jumpsuits. 

Also, find out about Mothersbaugh's later work composing music for Pee Wee's Playhouse and Wes Anderson.