Harmon Leon

History of SNL Firing Cast Members


This week, Saturday Night Live fired new cast member, Shane Gillis. Turns out he made racist comments on podcasts.


But there’s been numerous famous comedians who have been fired by SNL over the years. Adam Sandler. Fired! Chris Rock. Fired! Sarah Silverman. Fired! Not to mention, Norm Macdonald, Damon Wayons, Rob Riggle, Chris Farley, and of course, Iron Man: Robert Downey Jr….ALL FIRED!

In this episode of CH101 - we cover all the performers who have been fired by SNL over the years.

History of Monty Python's German Episodes


In 1971, the legendary comedy troupe, Monty Python, went to Germany to film two episodes of: Monty Python's Fliegender Zirkus.

The Pythons were reluctant to do the episodes - largely because they had to do the shows..in German. The only problem was - none of the members of Monty Python could speak German. The Pythons had to phonetically learn the scripts - to appear like they knew German - to very mixed results.

CH101 Select: History of Devo


We explore the comedy history behind the band DEVO - one of the funniest music groups of all time.

DEVO first described their music as bombs dropping mixed with Alka Seltzer jingles and the overall mood of the band as a combination of Fritz Lang's Metropolis and Ronald McDonald.

 Find out about such carnations as Boogi Boy (Mothersbaugh's alter-ego), the red energy dome hats, and where they came up with the idea for the yellow jumpsuits.