(Pt 2) History of Dolemite


We continue our history of: Dolemite. Eddie Murphy has a new Netflix bio-pic on comedian Rudy Ray Moore - and the making of the movie Dolemite. The movie was made for $100,000 in 1974- and in this episode we cover everything that went wrong during production; including a drunk director, hiring a real-life junky, and basically filming without permits.

(Pt 2) History of Mad Magazine


Look at Jimi Hendrix. He loved Mad magazine. I’d like to think that when Hendrix played his rendition of The National Anthem at Woodstock, he was doing his Mad magazine interpretation of the song—thumbing his legendary nose at authority.

And Mad is ending it’s 67 year run in August. We dive into Part Two of your history of the magazine. - covering some of the controversies over the years. Longtime editor, Joe Raiola tells us what happened when they had an article where the prophet Muhammad appeared in a pancake.

You can also read my entire interview with Joe at the Observer.

(Pt 2) History of Lenny Bruce, Censorship, and Free Speech


We continue with the literal trials of Lenny Bruce - and the nature of free speech in comedy clubs.

Does free speech mean that we occasionally have to listen to what we don’t want to hear?

We dive into the gamut of free speech from the controversy of Milo Yiannopoulos appearing at a NYC comedy club - to comedian Ahmed Ahmed having a comedy club patron call 911 on him for making ‘Middle Eastern’ jokes.

Are there limits to Lenny Bruce’s plight?