(Pt 2) History of Lenny Bruce, Censorship, and Free Speech


We continue with the literal trials of Lenny Bruce - and the nature of free speech in comedy clubs.

Does free speech mean that we occasionally have to listen to what we don’t want to hear?

We dive into the gamut of free speech from the controversy of Milo Yiannopoulos appearing at a NYC comedy club - to comedian Ahmed Ahmed having a comedy club patron call 911 on him for making ‘Middle Eastern’ jokes.

Are there limits to Lenny Bruce’s plight?

(Pt 2) History of Peep Show And Its American Pilot


We continue with Part Two of our history of the pilot for the American version of Peep Show. How did they take one of the funniest shows ever and turn it into one of the most unfunniest TV pilots of all time? David Mitchell and Robert Webb must be rolling in their graves. (Despite the fact that they are still very much alive.)

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Here is the shitshow that is the American pilot of Peep Show:

History of the Biggest Flop in TV Comedy History


Turn-On is considered the biggest flop in TV comedy history. The sketch comedy show was created in 1969 by George Schlatter - who was trying to capitalize on his other show, Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In.

Only one episode ever aired. In fact, some stations pulled the show after the very first commercial break. A young Albert Brooks was one of the staff writers and the first episode of Turn-On was hosted by Tim Conway. Perhaps the show was too ahead of its time, or perhaps it was truly awful? We’ll just never know…