(Pt 2) History of Lenny Bruce, Censorship, and Free Speech


We continue with the literal trials of Lenny Bruce - and the nature of free speech in comedy clubs.

Does free speech mean that we occasionally have to listen to what we don’t want to hear?

We dive into the gamut of free speech from the controversy of Milo Yiannopoulos appearing at a NYC comedy club - to comedian Ahmed Ahmed having a comedy club patron call 911 on him for making ‘Middle Eastern’ jokes.

Are there limits to Lenny Bruce’s plight?

History of Beatles Producer George Martin's Ties To Comedy


The late George Martin will always be best remembered for his legendary work as the producer of The Beatles. Did you know that the man who made the Fab Four sound amazing got his start as a producer of comedy albums?

Yes, the man behind creating the soundscape for A Day in the Life - also produced comedy albums for Peter Sellers, The Goon Show, and Beyond the Fringe (featuring Dudley Moore). Producing comedy is where Martin learned his chops to produce such Beatles classics as Strawberry Fields Forever.

History of Tim Conway


Tim Conway was one of the greatest second bananas in comedy history. Sadly, he passed away on May 14th at the age of 85. Conway’s comedy career started on a local TV station in Ohio, and he made his mark in sketches alongside Harvey Korman on the Carol Burnett Show. He also starred in the much overlooked TV movie: Roll Freddy, Roll.

We love the comedy work of Tim Conway - and today’s CH101 episode is a tribute!