OJ simpson prank

History of OJ Simpson's Hidden Camera Prank Show Juiced


In 2006, a producer thought it would be a good idea for double-acquitted murderer OJ Simpson's comeback project project to be a zany hidden camera prank show called Juice'd. As in, a prank is pulled, OJ Simpson pops out, and goes, "You've been Juiced," at which point the person pranked goes, "HEY, AREN'T YOU THAT GUY WHO MURDERED THOSE PEOPLE?! 

And I, Harmon Leon, was hired off an ad on Craigslist to be OJ's funny little sidekick.. I actually got to pull hidden camera pranks alongside OJ Simpson. What followed was the biggest train wreck in reality television history.

In this episode of CH101, we dive into the full history behind the scenes. You been Juiced!