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History of Alex Jones on Austin Public Access TV


Alex Jones began his career in Austin, Texas, back in the ’90s, as a local cable access cult figure - and built a rabid national audience by spewing out conspiracy theories.

To set the stage, ACTV (Austin Community Access TV) in the ’90s was pure Austin at it’s weirdest. Find out how Jones jumped on the scene as an amped up 22-year old - and originally wanted to be a standup comedian. Learn what happened when he got in a fight in the parking lot of ACTV - and claimed he was attacked by a man with “strange goat eyes.”

Read Harmon’s entire story about the incident in the NY Observer.

History of Knock-Knock Jokes


Knock knock? Who’s there? It’s time for the history of knock-knock jokes…

Knock-knock jokes are the classic question and answer kid joke. But did you know that its origin goes all the way back to Shakespeare’s Macbeth? Well it does.

In the episode we dive into the joke’s origin - and how Rowen and Martin’s Laugh In - helped it’s comeback into pop culture.

(Pt1) CH101 Select: Comedy That Crosses The Line

On this episode of CH101, we explore the history of comedy that crosses the line. You know, the edggggy comedy. Sometimes it’s comedy that’s revolutionary and creates change, such as the comedy of George Carlin and Lenny Bruce. And sometimes, its comedy that goes too far - and is there just for shock value. (Michael Richards - we are talking to you.)

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