British comedians

History of Peep Show and Other US Versions of British Comedy Shows


Peep Show is one the greatest British comedy shows of all time. So what did they do? They tried to bring the beloved show to the U.S. and make an American version. Do you know what? They failed miserably.

We dive into the history of the Peep Show American pilot and other British comedy shows that came stateside and completely missed the mark; including The IT Crowd, Spaced, and Fawlty Towers.

Remember, America is where British comedy shows come to die!

History of Racist British Comedians: PART ONE


Roseanne Barr was on top of the world again - until she wrote a racist tweet. ABC responded by yanking her show off the air. Meanwhile, over in the UK, the country has a long history of racist comedians - who say things on stage that are even worse than what Roseanne wrote.

Such comedians as Roy Chubby Brown, Bernard Manning, and Jim Davidson are fixtures into British comedy history; despite doing very racist material. In this episode we dive deep into the history of racist British comedy.